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Metal Forming Hammers

M2537 Curved Pein & Finishing Hammer Our professional series hammers are uniquely balanced and act as an extension to the users own hand.

Each hammer is colour coded for easy recognition, shrinking = BLUE / stretching = RED.

All hammers have natural hickory handles and the heads are forged steel, heat treated and polished for years of continuous service.

Hammers Marked * are included in the M7 Panel Beating Kit.

Please call to confirm availability or to order: sales@speedwerx.com.au,
Tel 02 4677 1212. Prices subject to change without notice.

M2537 Curved Pein & Finishing Hammer M2539 Heavy Shrinking Hammer MH874 Twisting Head Hammer M2560 Standard Bumping Hammer M2565 Straight Pein & Finish Hammer M2566 Pick & Finishing Hammer M2568 Light Bumping Hammer M2569 Light Shrinking Hammer
   Product Variants
Description    AUD Price  
M2537 Curved pein/finishing hammer     $42.00 Add to Wishlist
M2539 Heavy shrinking hammer     $42.00 Add to Wishlist
MH874 Twisting head hammer     $52.00 Add to Wishlist
M2560 Standard bumping hammer*     $42.00 Add to Wishlist
M2565 Straight pein & finish hammer*     $42.00 Add to Wishlist
M2566 Pick & finish hammer     $42.00 Add to Wishlist
M2568 Light bumping hammer     $42.00 Add to Wishlist
M2569 Light shrinking hammer*     $42.00 Add to Wishlist